Wilson Ong

Prudential Financial Consultant

A candid and engaging person, Wilson truly enjoys sculpting connections with all kinds of people; most importantly ensuring his clients are financially secure. His own ground rules are simple: “I plan for my clients the way I plan for myself.”

What people look for in financial consultants is what they can find in Wilson. His clients describe him as someone sincere and genuine in his approach. He believes that medical and insurance protection are the supporting pillars for every individual. Savings, investments and retirement planning then come later when his clients are more established.

Growth and Genuine are two of TAGroup’s values that align with his own. “When you’re genuine, your clients will naturally refer you to somebody and come back to you for future needs.” 

In the ever-evolving financial and insurance landscape, Wilson ensures he grows with the times and keeps up with current trends, thereby advising his clients accordingly.

Isabel Ngo

Prudential Financial Consultant

Savings & Investment, Retirement Planning

Being in this industry has made Isabel tremendously appreciative of how her clients involve her in their personal lives by seeing her as a confidante, attesting that she is not merely their financial planner – but also a friend willing to impart advice on anything beyond just finances.

Isabel specialises in Wealth Growth and planning for young adults. Her clients appreciate how she never puts pressure on them to make decisions that are not in their best interests. 

Her honesty intertwines with TAGroup’s value of being Genuine. 

Sometimes, after a long day, people don’t want to talk about finances and she respects that. Isabel’s clients know they have a valuable friend in her; and her, in them.

Ann Chew

Prudential Financial Consultant

Ann Chew has been having great work-life balance as a Financial Consultant – a profession that is less stressful for her but a more rewarding one at the same time. 

While she enjoys the flexibility in her working hours, she also finds pleasure in sharing the importance of Protection. Her wisdom and knowledge have earned her the trust of many – making them have faith in her guidance on financial planning. 

Having her phone on 24/7 keeps her contactable and always available. Clients find her highly reliable and see her more than a consultant; a friend whom they can have private and intimate conversations with.

She specialises in Medical & Critical Illness and Protection.

The TAGroup’s value of Giving is one she truly believes in. She finds that the act of giving is more rewarding than receiving.

Andrew Tan

Prudential Financial Consultant

Andrew Tan feels most rewarded and fulfilled when his clients succeed in achieving their financial aspirations. 

His sincerity and genuineness are reflected clearly in remembering all of his clients’ birthdays, simultaneously taking the time to thoroughly review their existing policies. He then provides lucrative advice to boost their portfolios based on current financial market trends.

Andrew finds it especially refreshing to engage with young entrepreneurs, whose driven personalities and growth mindsets make it a two-way street for them to learn from each other.

Although he joined only in 2020, Andrew lives up to the TAGroup’s value he resonates with most – Groundbreaking. His vision and specialisation are set on assisting young entrepreneurs manage their time and facilitating growth in their investments.

While he aspires to make headways in all aspects of his life, Andrew adheres to his personal motto of achieving breakthroughs with his clients.

Amy Wang

Prudential Financial Consultant

Having experience working overseas and in different time zones make Amy Wang flexible and resilient in her current profession as a Financial Consultant. She manages her time with clients well and feels extremely motivated when being entrusted to handle their financial plans and portfolios.

Her efficiency also lies in the way she makes claims easy and seamless for her clients. 

They often describe her as someone who is empathetic and relatable. She takes the time to listen to their financial struggles and puts herself in their shoes before providing solutions and options.

Insurance and Medical are her specialties, and she is a strong advocate for early planning and health checks. 

Growth is definitely the one TAGroup’s value she stays closest to as she constantly finds opportunities to learn from others and upgrade herself within the organisation.

Rebecca Heng

Prudential Financial Consultant

Savings & Investment, Retirement Planning

Rebecca Heng has a natural affinity of helping others and being the people person that she is makes her genuinely enjoy listening to clients’ intimate stories.

Throughout the years, she has grown to see clients beyond mere transactions. She is known to her clients as someone who is authentic; never exaggerating or overpromising. 

Resonating most with the TAGroup’s value of Genuine, she keeps her intentions pure and only provides solutions that she truly believes in. “It’s not just how well you do it, but why you do it,” 

Nicky Goh

Prudential Executive Financial Consultant

Savings & Investment, Retirement Planning

Tap on Nicky Goh’s expertise to reach your financial goals, especially on Retirement and Estate Planning. As an approachable person, he welcomes queries and discussions on financial matters.

Feel free to arrange for an insightful chat with him. His discussion involves illustrations of clarity and simplicity, highlighting the benefits and downsides of various financial decisions. You will be able to find viable and substantive solutions personalised to your goals.

Nicky is a highly motivated individual. He resonates most with the TAGroup value of Growth and never stops improving himself. Credentials and accreditations earned over the years are not just achievements to him, they are the fruits of his labour and the driving force behind his work.

Nancy Neo

Prudential Executive Financial Consultant

Savings & Investment, Retirement Planning

Specialising in Medical, Protection, and Hospitalisation Plans, Nancy Neo is always readily available and is prompt in answering clients’ questions and quick to attend to their needs. 

Her clients find her to be attentively listening as she analyses their problems with empathy and forging a trustworthy relationship in the process.

Growth and Giving are the two TAGroup’s values that she resonates with most. She attends courses for her own betterment, and she gives first before she receives.

Phebe Yeo

Prudential Senior Financial Consultant

A Truly Effective Coach

In her diversified network, Phebe specialises in Business Insurance for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, Corporate Insurance, Protection for Critical Illness, and Life Insurance.  

Her strengths include keeping clients stay abreast of the times in this ever-changing world. The concepts used in her presentations for client meetings, Instagram Live, and webinars can turn unfamiliar subject matters into digestible and useful information. 

It is no surprise that clients often describe her as creative and outgoing. 

By being Genuine and Giving, it does not matter how much or little experience she has. It is with these TAGroup’s values that she affirms herself to have a giving heart and mind, and her clients will naturally grow with her. 

Cat Goh

Prudential Financial Consultant

As a triumphant survivor of cancer, Cat Goh knows just how crucial having substantial insurance protection is.

She enjoys uplifting lives regardless of financial circumstances, and she found all these in TAGroup, which also advocates touching lives without transactional agendas.

Her small gestures of appreciation towards her clients go a long way, sometimes even through generations; some of her clients’ children trust her to handle their financial portfolios.

With an easygoing demeanour coupled with trustworthiness and dependability, attest to her consistent clientele that has grown since 1997 mainly through referrals and word of mouth.

Jean Goh

Prudential Senior Financial Consultant

Jean Goh has always been a natural people-person, and with this determination she put her skill sets to greater use in helping families be secured with insurance protection ever since joining the industry.

Her clients deeply appreciate her patience and instinctive aura of swiftly forging bonds of faith and confidence. Jean’s specialisations in Protection, Education, and Retirement Planning come with carefully shaping unwavering trust with her clients.

She further cements this with her TAGroup resonation with Genuine, never approaching anyone with a transactional agenda.  

At the end of the day, Jean celebrates every small win. Walking every single step, smooth or rough, of the way with her clients is an innate trait that has been instilled in her since young.

Jody Goh

Prudential Senior Financial Consultant

Jody Goh found her calling as a people-person in an industry that allows her to meet with people and listen to their intimate stories.

A friend first, a trusted financial advisor second. This is what Jody lives by, striving to educate clients on Protection, Education, Retirement Planning and Overall Family Planning, herself being in the demographic of young families. 

This intertwines with her TAGroup’s value of Genuine, promising to progress every step of the way with her clients without any transactional agenda.

No matter the situation, Jody holds firm to perseverance and is always on her toes to journey with her clients.

Peh Kah Ying

Prudential Senior Financial Consultant

An accommodating manager who believes in adding value to the person

A passionate financial consultant, Kah Ying finds satisfaction when her clients are financially protected and secured through her advice. Kah Ying always takes great caution in simplifying seemingly complex problems that her clients need her advice on: “I always do my best to provide appropriate solutions after listening to them and they find that I am sincere in sharing my knowledge with them too.”

She specialises in insurance planning and retirement planning where she feels having dignity to be able to continue their financial responsibilities when one is sick is important and being financially independent at retirement is as crucial too.

Derrick Ong

Prudential Financial Consultant

Derrick firmly believes that caring for his clients is the next most powerful tool besides love. He specialises in Insurance Planning and Retirement Planning. 

Derrick always manages to find breakthroughs and success for his clients when they feel how he cares – because of how he is always accessible and responsive no matter the time of day. 

Derrick ensures that all his clients are secure in general protection, moving forward to wealth accumulation only once they have surplus budget. With his TAGroup resonation steadfastly in Giving, he unconditionally gives whatever is in his means to his clients.

Pearlyn Wong

Prudential Master Financial Consultant

An accommodating manager who believes in adding value to the person

Pearlyn Wong enjoys assisting clients in perfecting financial portfolios, drafting plans, and making claims in times of need. Her specialisations include Retirement Planning and Wealth Protection.

She also extends her service to write nominations which is an important part of planning.

Her clients describe her as someone who is compassionate, patient, trustworthy, and a good friend they can instantly connect with.

She strongly believes in the TAGroup value of Ground-breaking, and she walks every client through a rewarding journey that leads to a breakthrough success. 

Priscilla Low

Prudential Master Financial Consultant

An accommodating manager who believes in adding value to the person

Priscilla finds pleasure in meeting with people and providing thorough solutions for her clients. She enforces the importance of protection, and specialises in Protection and Retirement Planning.

She also helps clients by sharing her knowledge on LPA and will-writing.

A friendly and highly reliable person, she adopts the TAGroup’s value of Giving, by working alongside charitable organisations. 

To her, she may be selling just a promise – but a promise is an empty one if she fails to fill it with good service, readiness, and attention for her clients. 

Bryan Tan

Prudential Financial Consultant

The joys of financial planning for Bryan comes from the development and recommending solutions for his clients. He finds great satisfaction in acquiring these soft skills over the years as a Financial Consultant.

He displays a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and can-do attitude, giving his clients no qualms about referring him to their families and friends.

He enforces the importance of insurance, and has grown to specialise in Medical Protection, Retirement Planning, and Investment.

Growth and Giving are the two TAGroup’s value that he stays true to. He feels empowered when he upgrades himself with new knowledge and skills. With these developments, he strives to provide even better solutions to his clients.

Connie Ng

Prudential Financial Consultant

Connie’s vast experience in the financial industry equips her with the right skills to offer financial assistance and help clients power through difficult times through difficult as well as enjoy good times.

This profession allows her to polish clients’ business or personal financial portfolios – something that she is passionate about doing – with such ease and joy.

Clients often describe her as someone resourceful and knowledgeable.

As someone who is very active in volunteer work, she continues to exercise this altruistic trait even within the organisation. She naturally leans towards the TAGroup’s value of Giving and Growth, and sees herself as a lifelong learner.

Wang Weizhong

Prudential Senior Financial Consultant

From childhood friends to army mates, Weizhong’s ability to instantly connect with people helps him to build genuine relationship with them.

It is his honesty and reliability that has helped expand his clientele when his clients refer him to their friends and family, as they are assured that Weizhong will always deliver above and beyond his means.

His specialisation in retirement planning involves a meticulous process where he provides personalised investment solutions, making it easier for his clients to envision his plans for them decades down the road.

Giving, whether tangible or intangible, is a TAGroup value Weizhong resonates with. He firmly believes that one always receives more when they are sincere in giving unconditionally: “To be able to give is a blessing in itself.”

Tan Li Min

Prudential Financial Consultant

Tan Li Min finds joy in her work as a Financial Consultant when she is able to connect with others and earn their trust. 

Through her efficiency and passion in solving their financial problems, they have no qualms about referring her to their families and friends. 

Clients often describe her as a patient and detail-oriented person. 

She has grown to specialise in Retirement Planning, Insurance Protection, and Medical. Her value-added services include giving in-depth needs analysis, identifying shortfalls, and providing cash flow protection. 

She is gifted with financial foresight and what makes her an even better better financial consultant is her honesty. The TAGroup’s value of Genuine is one that she stays true to as she handles her clients with a sincere heart.

Terrence Leong

Prudential Financial Consultant

Being in this industry has given Terrence Leong the opportunity to reconnect with long-lost friends, and getting to know them in-depth now allows him a clearer picture on how to solve their financial issues. 

His clients are appreciative of his genuineness, never hard-selling and always guiding them patiently based on their respective financial means.

He specialises in retirement planning and investments, but is more well-versed with the former. It is a rewarding feeling when he drafts up specialised policies to grow his clients’ wealth upon analysis of their background, and seeing substantial returns due to his guidance.

Completing challenging financial courses and exams, while being entrusted with handling clients’ insurance portfolios had never crossed his mind. Yet now, he treasures how fulfilling his profession is; making him truly resonate with TAGroup’s value of Groundbreaking.

Susan Tan

Prudential Financial Consultant

A sense of fulfillment is gained when Susan Tan is able to provide financial solutions – especially to widows, orphans, and sole breadwinners. She finds great satisfaction in helping people stay afloat and being their support system.

Her clients feel safe being under her care. She does her all to meet their reasonable requests and has their best interests at heart.

Reliable, honest, dependable, and trustworthy are words often used by clients to describe her.

In her 30 years of experience as a Financial Consultant, she finds it rewarding to be the “guiding light when clients feel lost”. Her specialties lie in Insurance Protection and Hospitalisation Medical Plans. 

An altruistic person by nature, she resonates most with the TAGroup’s value of Giving, and is very active in volunteer work within the organisation.

Ryan Toh

Prudential Executive Financial Consultant

With years of banking industry experience, Ryan Toh is well-exposed in the financial world.  Since joining the company in 2010, he prides himself for providing well thought out financial solutions to his clients. 

Ryan is a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC/S).

He always puts himself in his clients’ shoes & only recommends solutions that he would implement on himself if he is in their unique situation.

Clients describe him as someone patient and understanding.

Carrying the TAGroup’s value of Genuine with him, he shares his expertise and specializations in Retirement Planning and Life & Health Protection with sincerity and empathy. 

Rachel Goh

Prudential Senior Financial Consultant

Rachel Goh seeks deeper connections with people, attuned to their joys, pains, successes, failures and philosophies in life.

She is most fulfilled when her clients achieve their financial goals resulting from her comprehensive analysis and planning.

Regardless of whether a deal is concluded, she finds it a joy to spend time with her clients. In turn, her clients admire her for being patient, detailed, responsible and always reachable. 

Rachel’s capabilities include investments, income replacement planning, estate planning, and group hospital and surgical insurance, among others. Her exact specialisations are retirement planning and estate planning, which require greater depths of calculations, analyses, projections and patience.

Rachel relates best to TAGroup’s value of Growth, holding close to heart a profound Chinese idiom: “Life is like rowing a boat upstream, so if you stop rowing, you fall back to the bottom.”

Phua Geok Hoon

Prudential Financial Consultant

By constantly upgrading her skills through courses, Phua Geok Hoon aims to guide her clients better in terms of options and perspectives. 

She regularly calls her clients to update them on the industry’s latest information. Geok Hoon rests assured that her clients also have peace of mind whenever there are improved options for their existing policies.

Trustworthy and reliable, her clients have referred many of their loved ones to her because of her meticulous methods, keeping her clients’ best interests at heart.

Since 1997 when she first started out, many clients have grown alongside Geok Hoon through different stages of their lives, thus her focus on retirement planning now.

Geok Hoon resonates best with TAGroup’s value  of Growth. Still going strong despite being in her 60s, she takes pride in frequently going for upskilling courses to keep abreast with the ever-changing financial landscape. 

Ong Xiu Nien

Prudential Financial Consultant

As a mother of two young children, Xiu Nien relates well to young parents, empowering them on how best to ensure the financial security of a family and garner future returns through insurance, saving and investments. 

With her caring and sunny disposition, she finds it almost second nature to connect sincerely with her clients, who in turn share many deep personal experiences with her. 

Her take on financial planning is simple and efficacious: “I always emphasize on the importance of doing sound financial planning within one’s financial means and needs.” 

This has value-added her clients, providing them a peace of mind and a financial journey planned within their means.

Lawrence Chua

Prudential Financial Consultant

Lawrence Chua strives to create an impact in people’s lives by providing comprehensive financial knowledge and assistance. He finds joy when clients reap the benefits of proper wealth management under his guidance.

He fights for his clients’ well-being and protection, giving them the assurance to grow their wealth and make claims with ease. 

Best described as a friendly and analytical consultant by his clients, he specialises in Investment, Retirement Planning, Wealth Management, and Protection. 

Staying close to the TAGroup’s value of Genuine, he gives his utmost honest opinions and offers solutions without overselling clients products that do not suit their needs.

Elaine Phung

Prudential Financial Consultant

Elaine Phung first and foremost treats her clients as her friends, having joined the industry in 1994. 

When her clients achieve a certain higher status in their savings, investments, or financial plans, Elaine feels a most rewarding sense of fulfilment.

Elaine never fails to check up on her clients beyond the financial arena – mostly by inviting them out for meals, visiting their children, and sharing with them information pertaining to their respective interests. 

Her clients describe her as an approachable, honest and sincere person who doesn’t think twice about going beyond her duty to help them. She is also transparent in informing her clients of their financial state so that she can render assistance immediately.

Elaine resonates deeply with TAGroup’s value of Genuine because she puts them above all else to achieve their aspirations without any monetary agenda.

Liu Kuang Kai

Prudential Senior Financial Consultant

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” This is one of Kuang Kai’s favourite quotes from The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery as it very much embodies the spirit of the profession, and what he helps his clients to protect. 

Leveraging on InsureTech and an array of digital tools, Kuang Kai conducts in-depth analysis and simulations for his clients, helping them to navigate financial planning with ease, simplicity and clarity.

Kuang Kai’s clients appreciate how thorough, knowledgeable, and organised he is. His meticulous and objective nature, coupled with his fast response to clients’ requests set him apart. 

Kelly Ngian

Prudential Senior Financial Consultant

Kelly’s outgoing personality has turned her clients into good friends. This makes her work more enjoyable when she is able to assist them in their financial plans over casual dinners. 

Specialising in Investment, Medical Insurance, and Retirement Plans, she meets clients regularly to share her knowledge on financial solutions without expecting any deals in return. Her goal is to make them reflect and realise the importance of financial planning.

They describe her as someone efficient in making claims – one who has the sense of urgency to assist them in times of need.

A generous individual, she resonates most with the TAGroup’s value of Giving. She participates in charity work on her own, and also alongside her professional counterparts.

Karyn Chua

Prudential Senior Financial Consultant

Over the decades, Karyn Chua has cultivated the ability to keep calm when working out complex solutions for her clients. She deftly manoeuvres mapping out feasible financial plans for her clients based on their needs. 

She regularly checks in with her clients through small channels like WhatsApp where she sends blurbs of the latest financial tips that may not be common knowledge. 

Karyn, whose clients attest to her meticulousness, cheerful disposition, caring nature, and practicableness, draws up holistic portfolios for her clients without any transactional motives. 

On how she practises kindness and selflessness, Karyn has many a time facilitated assistance to people whose agents – from other insurance companies – have left them in the lurch when they suddenly vanish without notice.

She attributes this to her immense resonation with TAGroup’s values of Genuine and Giving.

Je Sian Oey

Prudential Financial Consultant

With Quality Club, Star Club, and Lifetime Member of MDRT under her belt, Je Sian is an ambitious and goal-focused veteran in the industry. 

She enjoys meeting people and her warm personality has enabled her to forge deeper and more personal relationships with clients. Her goal is to make them financially independent.

Her clients feel she is straightforward and knowledgeable. Specialising in Endowment and Protection, she is also an expert in managing portfolios for business owners. 

To her, it is important to serve clients with honesty and sincerity. She has been exercising the TAGroup’s value of Genuine for decades, and will continue to stay true to her intentions in the work that she does.

Grace Chan

Prudential Financial Consultant

Being a Financial Consultant has given Grace Chan ultimate control over her working schedules, and a better lifestyle. She enjoys identifying financial pain points for her clients and finding ways to offer them the most effective solutions. 

She establishes mutual respect and does this by having honest and open conversations with her clients. They often describe her as someone who has great communication skills, and is both caring and responsible.

Ensuring her clients are adequately covered, she specialises in Insurance Protection and Medical. 

She resonates most with the TAGroup’s value of Giving and gives her 100% in providing clients with the best financial plans to protect them and their loved ones. 


Gioia Aw

Prudential Financial Consultant

Joining TAGroup allowed Gioia to establish herself as a financial consultant who is fully committed to clients no matter how difficult the process may be. She affirms herself to help others by solving their financial problems and ensuring that they stay on track in their plans.

Empathetic, patient, and genuine are words that best describe her by her clients. 

Specialising in Retirement Planning, Protection, and Investment, she makes time to meet with clients to primarily catch up on a personal level with business being a secondary intent. 

She lives by the TAGroup’s value of Growth and strives to be a better financial consultant each day. “One can be an expert in a field but they cannot be an expert forever,” she quotes.

Felicia Yeo

Prudential Senior Financial Consultant

“Many were surprisingly nice and actually invited me into their homes. It took a short time for them to build solid relationships with me,” Felicia says of her early days of door-knocking and cold-calling. 

She credits it to how her clients have described her to be naturally approachable and effortlessly friendly.

Felicia constantly upgrades her skills through courses, especially in her specialisations of risk management and retirement planning, in turn sharing tips with her clients to frequently update them on new policies or solutions. 

It is with unquestioned clarity that Felicia embarks on a lifetime financial journey with all her clients.

Leong Sow Hoe

Prudential Senior Financial Services Director

A caring and dedicated mentor who weaves success stories

“Everyone has his own potential.”

This is more than a motherhood statement to Mr. Leong Sow Hoe, Senior Financial Services Director at TAG. After all he has personally groomed numerous protégés who have gone on over the years to become consummate financial consultants and capable managers. 

Guided by the belief that each person possesses inherent capability and talent, he does his part as a facilitator and coach, even bringing succour when hope seems all but lost. 

Describing what he does for each associate with whom he crosses paths, Sow Hoe says: “My job is to inspire and spur this person to greater heights. My job is to be there when the person is down… to urge the person, encourage the person to go even a little further to reach that which is just beyond his grasp, and to attain it, and to savour the victory.”

And done this he has. In the course of a stint of some 35 years as a financial consultant, he counts among the fruits of his labour a number who underwent a challenge-ridden transition into the insurance sector. 

“I’ve seen many who have come into this industry struggling even in the initial years in the area of prospecting, to get leads, to get sales, to service the clients,” observes Sow Hoe, who is happy to report that these persons have progressed to see brighter days in their career of choice. “Today they are sitting on top of the pile in terms of sales or even management.”

And this is his promise to prospective candidates: “So to him who wants to excel in sales or excel in management, then as a mentor, my job is to identify and to help him along the way to achieve his goal.”

In Sow Hoe’s opinion, the crux of mentoring lies in role modelling. The most vital attribute of a mentor is “integrity”, and to impart this quality “one has to be transparent”. To bring this about, he holds himself to the highest standard in professional ethics and personal moral traits.

Among TAG’s four core values, the 60-year-old resonates most with the commitment to be genuine. The organisation is “not a fake front where we put up something, an artificial billboard just to draw the people in,” he assures, “but we are genuinely interested to develop people so that they can be a true professional in discharging his or her duties and responsibilities in helping clients achieve financial security.”

As far as Sow Hoe is concerned, this entails being true to one’s word, and acting on the promises one has made to a client. 

For him, the name of his organisation alludes to the social media platform, Facebook’s function that allows a person to create a link to a specific friend’s profile, “so we can’t put everyone into the same mould.” Rather than doing that, the company stands for professional training and nurturing that caters to the individual’s strengths, takes account of their weaknesses, and harnesses their talents and potential so that they might attain their vision for their career.